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We're here to serve you. And we care about what you think.

Your story matters.

Taking care of your finances is either a) a bore or b) stressful.

We totally get it.

That’s why our team meets you wherever you’re at in your journey. We'll walk you through every step of the way so that you feel more confident making important financial decisions.

Already feel confident? Let’s keep up the great work!

We’ll help you enhance your current financial situation whether that be saving you more money with low-rate loans and special rewards with your checking accounts or just feeling more connected to your credit union or how about both?

Join our Canopy family today and experience the credit union difference.  

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Canopy's commitment to building a diverse & inclusive community

you are welcome here community graphicCanopy Credit Union is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. We actively seek opportunities to recruit and hire qualified candidates with varying backgrounds including race, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, and veteran status.

As a credit union, we acknowledge there is more work to do. We are committed to listening to the ideas and opinions of our minority community members, providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow, developing effective practices to continue promoting diversity and supporting local organizations that are actively engaging in social justice work.

At Canopy Credit Union, we strive to be an agent for change. We believe in the financial empowerment of our community, and we will continue serving you in the compassionate and kind manner you deserve.

Canopy Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

A Bit of History

In June of 1956, seven Spokane area Federal Government employees came together to form Spokane Federal Credit Union. In the beginning, volunteers managed everything, accepting deposits and making loans. After the staff of Expo '74, Spokane's World's Fair, cleared out, we bought their headquarters building at 601 W. Mallon and are still there today. 

While the Credit Union may have started out with just a few passionate volunteers and only a few hundred dollars, we've managed to grow to the point where today we're roughly 12,000 members strong with around $150 million in assets.

As we continued to grow, we noticed many people in the community thought they had to be Federal employees to become a member because of our name, so in the summer of 2019 we changed our name to Canopy Credit Union - better representing who we're able to serve. We wanted a name that reflected not only where we've been and who we've become, but also a name that would better define our future. We chose Canopy Credit Union because it illustrates our ideals of being a safe place for members to grow, and appeals to a wider demographic - with a little nod to the Pacific Northwest. 

Canopy Credit Union is a place where your story matters. 

Here you grow.

Our lending practices

We often see people come in to the credit union feeling confused or hopeless about their financial situation. Finances can be tricky and being able to help members feel more confident about their overall financial picture is easily the best part of what we do.

At Canopy Credit Union, we have loan advocates that help guide you every step of the way. We are able to be creative with our lending and we take the time to look at each member’s situation individually.

Canopy Credit Union is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We are trained to help those who have less than perfect credit.

Your credit score doesn’t define you here – we look at things like:

  • your current relationship with the credit union
  • payment histories with other financial institutions
  • time on your job
  • how much collateral you’re putting up front
  • your genuine need for the particular loan you’re applying for

Every person has a different story and our lending program is built with that in mind. 

If for some reason we can’t approve a particular service right away, we offer free financial coaching from certified employees. They can help you create a budget, understand your credit score, set goals, provide a listening ear, and help guide you towards financial success.

To start the loan process, apply online or come in and see us at any of our branches. You’ll work directly with a loan advocate who will guide you through the loan process while always keeping your best interest in mind.

We’re here to help you through every stage of life.

Our Core Values. 

Canopy lives by a Creative Community Culture. So what does that mean?

We embrace what makes us different: 

We honor everyone's journey and welcome new ideas! We're a place where your story matters. 

Becoming is better than being:

Growth happens when we try new things and don't allow the fear of failure to hold us back.

Curiosity is welcomed:

We don't ask, "Can we?" but rather, "How can we?"

Canopy serves:

We believe your level of success is directly proportional to how many lives you touch.

Fun is who we are:

We are a fun, playful, and hardworking family committed to the growth of each other, our members, and our community. 

The only way we can continue to improve is to hear feedback from our members! Have an exceptional experience? Have an experience that could have gone better? We're here to listen - email us your feedback.


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