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Learn how to make your money work for you.

We've all heard the saying "knowledge is power". But we like to say it a bit differently here - knowledge EMPOWERS.

Here you'll find tips & tricks on how to be more financially healthy! Watch, learn, try and reach out to us if you have any questions. 

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3 Credit Myths That May Be Costing You Money

When it comes to credit, there is a whole lot of bad advice out there. In this video, we bust three credit myths that may be costing you money.


Child Tax Credit - What You Need to Know

Find out who qualifies, what has changed, and whether or not you should expect to start receiving those monthly payments in the coming months.


How to protect yourself from financial fraud

In this video Marketing Director, Jon, and Member Advocate, Barry, talk all about how to spot, identify, and protect yourself from financial fraud.


How to protect yourself from identity theft

What is identity theft? How can you protect yourself from it? We cover all of this and more in our most recent educational video. Check it out!


What determines your interest rate?

If you struggle to understand interest rates, you're not alone! That's why we broke it down by exactly what determines your loan rate in our most recent financial education video! Check it out.


8 cyber-safe shopping tips

Find out eight cyber-safe shopping tips that will make your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping experience as secure as possible!


What are your 2020 financial reflections?

2020 was a unique year in so many ways. Taking a look back at what happened this year financially can help you better prepare for 2021. These four questions will help you reflect and plan ahead.


6 goal-setting tips

In this video we focus on goal setting instead of resolutions! Setting specific and measurable goals can be a more sustainable way to reach your long-term hopes and dreams.


How to set a budget you can actually stick to

Find out the top 4 tips for how to create a realistic budget that you can stick to long-term.

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