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kasasa protect

Protecting your information from fraud

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Kasasa Protect offers a monthly credit score and tracker, monitoring services to help detect possible fraud on things like your bank accounts, credit/debit cards, social security number, and health insurance, and it has identity restoration services, too!

Kasasa Protect includes ALL of the following:

  • Dark Web Monitoring: Monitors criminal activity on the Internet and alerts you if you are exposed. 
  • Lost Wallet Protection: Helps easily cancel and replace important items found in your wallet.
  • Identity Restoration: Get help recovering your identity in the event that it is stolen.
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring: Alerts you to changes in your credit report.
  • Monthly Credit Score and Tracker: Track your credit over time with monthly credit scores and online plotter.
  • Annual Credit Reporter: Get full access to your complete credit report each year. 

Kasasa Protect's $7.99 monthly service fee is automatically drafted from your checking account, so no additional checks to cut,  lapses in coverage or due dates to remember. 

Kasasa Protect is an optional, fee-based offering that provides identity theft, fraud protection, and assistance through an independent third-party. Kasasa and Kasasa Protect are trademarks of BancVue, Ltd., registered in the U.S.A. BancVue is not affiliated with Canopy Credit Union and the Credit Union is not liable or responsible for the Kasasa service. The Kasasa enrollment and service terms, fees and conditions can be accessed online at secure.kasasaprotect.com.


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