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account alerts

Receive an update on financial transactions straight to your phone or e-mail address

There are times we just want to know what is happening in our accounts without having to log into Home Banking or Mobile Banking.  We've got the perfect solution!  Set up a customizable Account Alert in Home Banking.  You can choose from having an Alert when a deposit is made, when a transfer is made, when a loan payment is made and so much more.  

Here's how it's done:

  • Log into Home Banking
  • Click on User Options
  • Click on Account Alerts on the left hand navigation bar
  • Click Add New Alert under the Alert Manager tab


If you'd like your alert to go to different people (joint account holder, for example) or to go to both your e-mail and your cell phone, you can do that.  Just click on the Contact Manager and follow the prompts to add more delivery options.

older man receiving account alerts from canopy cu on his mobile device


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