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canopy card controls

woman using canopy credit card at storewelcome to Canopy Card Controls

Canopy Card Controls puts the power to manage your Canopy debit and credit cards right at your fingertips. When you login to our online banking portal, you’ll be able to set-up and manage a wide array of features, controls, and alerts to help keep you on top of debit and credit card spending, payments and much, much more – all from the screen of your smartphone or computer.

You’re the boss

Use Canopy Card Controls to set notifications and alerts, spending limits, and more. 

Set transaction controls 

You can set specific dollar amount limits that put you in charge of the what, when, where, and how much you spend.

Be in the know, right now 

Canopy Card Controls allows you to set real-time alerts so that you see every attempted and declined transaction. Control your card use by setting limits by store type – like gas and groceries, or for travel expenses like hotels, airline tickets, ride-shares and restaurants. Change settings anytime you want and update your transaction controls to match your spending needs – it’s that easy.

You win, bad guys lose 

Canopy Card Controls’ Fraud Protection features allow you to turn your card off when you’re not using it to protect yourself against fraud. Real-time alerts keep you informed when your card is used or declined.

Parental controls 

We were all kids once and sometimes it’s just easier to ask forgiveness rather than permission when spending mom and dad’s money. Canopy Card Controls allows you to control your dependent’s spending on a debit or credit card. Set charge limits on their card by selecting specific store types and transaction amount.


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