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Setting new years' goals with your kids

December 27, 2019 • Momcents

Many adults have new years resolutions but what about the kids? 

The new year is a great time to talk about goal setting with kids and the importance of having goals for the year and writing them down. Maybe they want to learn how to roller skate or save enough money to buy a basketball hoop. Or they want to read one book every week for the year (this would definitely not be my children!) 

Sit down with your kids and talk about their goals. Have them write them down. Hang their goals where they can see them. Check in with them on how their goals are going. Celebrate when a goal is met. There are several cute printables available online that you can use or make up your own. 

Here are a few goal starters to get you and your kids thinking:

This year I really want to:

This year I will try to:

This year I will read:

This year I need to:

This year I want to be better at:

This year I will visit:

This year I want to learn how to:

This year I will save up for:

Happy 2020!  May this year be your best yet!

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