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4 Budget-Friendly Fall Activities

September 20, 2022 • General News

The sun is setting earlier and the leaves are changing colors. Fall is on its way! That means it is time to bundle up in your favorite sweater, order a pumpkin-spice latte and start planning a whole pile of fun things you can do to celebrate the season!

Here are four things you can do this fall to make memories, without wrecking your budget. 

#1: Get outside and take a colorful hike!

Grab your hiking boots and get ready to hit the trails. Not only is exercise in the great outdoors good for your health, your wallet will also benefit from this low-cost activity. 

Spokane is known for its stunning fall colors which are worth hiking around in. Check out this Foliage Map to see predictions for when the trees will change colors so you can plan your next outdoor adventure at a time when the colors are at peak beauty!

There are tons of city and state parks to choose from in Spokane, including Riverside State Park, Finch Arboretum, Manito Park, Dishman Hills Conservation area, Holmberg Conservation Area. City parks are free to use and for state parks you can purchase a year-long pass starting at $30. Or, you can utilize the Spokane Public Library’s “Library of Things” and borrow a Discover Pass for one day along with backpack equipped with all the day-hike essentials you need! 

#2: Go apple and pumpkin picking!

A true fall in Spokane includes at least one trip to Green Bluff. With so many amazing farms in close proximity, it is easy to check out multiple and experience it all. 

To make sure your budget is still intact after a day of pumpkin picking and pumpkin donut eating, make sure to plan ahead. Before you arrive, set expectations for yourself and/or your group. Decide how much money you will spend on food, fall decor, and experiences beforehand and hold each other accountable.

Remember, instead of saying “no” to something you hadn't planned for, you can always compromise or make subsitions. For example, if you think you might want a special snack when out making memories, eat a good-sized lunch at home so you won't spend too much. 

#3: Create DIY fall decorations

Get festive and crafty at the same time. Find things laying around at home or check out a local thrift store to make your decoration dreams come to life. Make your own fall wreath with cuttings from your yard or a candle holder with a Mason Jar and accessories like candy corn, acorns or pinecones!

#4: Enjoy a picnic 

While summer may be over, picnics sure aren’t! Pack up some of your favorite snacks and enjoy a meal outside. The sun sets earlier everyday, so make sure to time your picnic well and catch a beautiful Spokane sunset (check out this sunset forecast tool!). Just don’t forget a sweater...or two!

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