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6 positive alternatives to black friday shopping

November 20, 2020 • General News

We totally get it - shopping just feels good. 

But did you know Black Friday might not actually be the best day for deals? 

According to a recent Business Insider article, fitness equipment and winter clothing will always be cheaper later in the winter and toys are actually much less expensive 9-10 days before Christmas. 

It's also no surprise that winter is when most credit card debt is accumulated. A Bankrate survey found that 6 out of 10 people reported feeling pressure to overspend on their presents, travel, social outings or charitable donations during the holiday season. 

Even if you're getting a good deal on items, you may still end up paying about the same because of the interest you'll pay on your credit card. 

Okay okay, we’ll stop the guilt trip.

What else is there to do instead of shopping on Black Friday? Check out these 6 positive activities to try this year.

  1. Get outside! REI is known for starting the #OptOutside campaign encouraging people to put down their credit cards and get outside to enjoy nature. Did you know walking together (or exercise in general) can create stronger relationships? You release endorphins, spend quality time together, and have opportunities to talk without necessarily having to make eye contact the whole time – making vulnerable conversations a bit easier to have.
  2. Write your holiday cards. You know that feeling when you open your mailbox and find a hand-written envelope instead of just junk mail? That feeling right there might be just the gift your loved ones needed this holiday season. Not sure what to write? Start with what’s going on in your life, ask them about theirs, and end with words of kindness.
  3. Find a fun recipe to make with Thanksgiving leftovers. Turkey soup, casserole and sandwiches – oh my! Bring the kids into the mix and create a whole new authentic family recipe. Food Network is a great place to start for recipe inspiration!
  4. Throw a binge-watching party and create a great Christmas movie lineup with your closest friends or family. Check out this list of 10 best holiday movies of all time.
  5. Decorate for Christmas! Bust out your favorite Christmas album, fuzzy socks, and ugly Christmas sweater – it’s time to get festive! Check out our Pinterest page for holiday decoration inspiration.
  6. Make a list of holiday activities you want to do this season! Hallmark movie marathon? Go ice skating? Finally make that craft you've always wanted to add to your decor? Now's the time to brainstorm and have fun!

No matter what you decide – we hope it brings you lasting joy and memories. Here’s to a shopping-free Friday!

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