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Can you Afford a Pet?

February 20, 2019 • Adulting

By Marketing Specialist, Alina Murcar

There are three types of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and "no pets, please" people.

Most people grow up in one of these three types of families - occasionally finding a family with cats AND dogs (gasp!). I grew up in a "dog people" family, always having two dogs at a time. We love those tail wagging, furry pups full of unconditional love. I guess I should mention my dad's kinda sorta...very allergic to cats.

So when I moved out into my own place after college, about halfway through the year I decided I really wanted another "heartbeat" in the house for company (a.k.a. A furry little babe I could smother with love). I also wanted to be thoughtful about what I could realistically care for and afford at this point in my life.

Along came Ollie - my sweet little orange tabby cat (sorry dad) - that I stumbled upon at SCRAPS. He's my sweet, sassy, adorable little teenager who gives me a tiny glimpse of what caring for another being is like.

Having a pet is entirely worth it - but it's a bit spendy, too! Here's a cost breakdown to help give you a better idea:

Initial cost: Monthly cost:
Adoption: $70 Food: $25
Neuter & shots: $200 Litter: $24
Litter, box & scoop: $40 Treats: $7 (optional)
Food & bowls: $32 Occasional vet visits: $100
Scratching post: $10  
Brush & nail clips: $10  
Toys: $15  
Apartment pet deposit: $350  
Total: $726 Total: $56 


I would highly recommend getting an animal (especially from a shelter!) as long as they can be fully cared for and loved on. It might just take a little mental and financial prep beforehand!

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