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Date Night on a Dime!

February 7, 2018 • General News

It's the month of love - a beautiful time to celebrate all types of love that connect us together. Sometimes though, Valentine's Day can seem a bit daunting for someone on a tight budget. No matter what age, income or hobbies you have, there are many ways you can share time with loved ones without spending very much or any money at all! Here are a few thought starters: 

  • Pick and choose questions to ask each other. Even if you know each other well, some of these might shed new light or focus light back on things you might not have known or forgotten about. Here's a list of questions to help inspire you.
  • Play board games. This is a great way to spend your Valentine's Day if you're in a group. Pick up a game of Life, Monopoly, or one of your other favorites and enjoy a screen-free evening. 
  • Go on a thrift store scavenger hunt. Make a list of random items to find throughout the store, split up, and see who finds them all first! Don't forget to take pictures along the way. Need some inspiration or a pre-determined list? Check out this blog for ideas. 
  • Check out local events in the newspaper. Grab an Inlander and see what's happening around town! There could be free concerts, open mic nights, deals at local pubs or restaurants...you name it! 
  • Cook a nice meal together! Do a little meal prep and decide on a dinner you've both always wanted to learn how to make. Spend the evening jamming out to your favorite tunes and (literally) spicing it up! 
  • Volunteer at a local charity. Sometimes giving back to your community can be the best way to fill your heart and share the love on this special day. A few that we volunteer for regularly can be found here.
  • Go for a walk in your favorite place. Whether it's getting a coffee or hot cocoa and walking around downtown or bundling up and going for a walk in the park, getting outside and doing something active together can be the perfect "date" in itself. Sometimes the most simple things are cherished the most.
  • Go ice skating! The new Ice Ribbon in Riverfront Park is an inexpensive way to glide through your evening and laugh a little. Follow it up with a little hot cocoa and you've got yourself a blissful evening! 
  • Create a bucket list together. Dream up all of the places you've wanted to visit, things you've imagined doing and aspirations that you've always worked towards. This might initiate a potential vacation in your future! 

Just as the classic Beatles song goes, "Can't buy me love" and they couldn't be more accurate. It's not about the extravagantly planned evening with fancy dinners, drinks, and activities. Valentine's Day is about celebrating the love we share with one another...with your significant other, your neighbor, your kids, or your friends. It all matters and it's all worth celebrating. We hope you have a fantastic day celebrating with those closest to your heart.

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