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Delivering Smiles to Those that Deliver

December 18, 2020 • Momcents

Written by Momcents Mom, Krista


I started a new holiday tradition last year and I loved it so much I started it even earlier this year.  Kind of like the pumpkin spice lattes start coming out earlier and earlier each year, so does my delivery treat basket!  I leave a basket full of drinks and snacks for all of the delivery drivers that leave packages on our front porch.  They are working extra hard this time of year; long crazy hours and I love that a little gesture might make their whole day.   

I just leave the basket out on a little side table by my front door with a little sign telling the delivery drivers to help themselves to some treats.  There are cute signs you can print off Pinterest, I just wrote one out myself.  Then I bring the basket inside each evening.  When the doorbell rings with a delivery my kids and I love to run and see what treat they took.  I think we are more excited than they are!  It brings us so much joy.  The other day I had to sign for a delivery and the gentleman handed me my package and I told him thank you and to help himself to some treats, his eyes lit up and he said “Really?”  He happily grabbed a snack and a drink and it totally made my day.  Giving feels so good!!! 

Here is a list of things I keep in our basket: 


Flavored Sparkling water 

Iced coffee drinks 

Energy drinks 


Corn nuts 

Pepperoni sticks 


Candy Bars 



I make sure everything is individually packaged, of course.  So far, the most popular picks are the energy drinks, pepperoni sticks, Oreos, and candy bars.  I love bringing a smile to someone’s face, even though I don’t get to usually see their reaction. And I love teaching my kids how fun giving to others is, even if it’s just a simple snack.  Especially during this crazy year we are having; spreading love and cheer is more important than ever. 

Happy Holidays from the Momcent’s family to yours! 

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