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Easter Egg Hunting Tips

March 30, 2021 • Momcents

Written by Momcent's Mom, Krista

Easter is right around the corner!  This will be my 16th Easter with kids.  I have learned a few things in those years setting up Easter egg hunts for my kids and wanted to share those things with you, my loyal readers. 

Easter Egg Hunt Tips:

  • Count before you hide! Then you will know when you can stop. And this will prevent you from finding eggs well into Spring. This is especially important when hiding real hard-boiled eggs in the house like my mom and dad used to!  Imagine that smell a few weeks later! 
  • Assign colors for your kids. I have been doing this since Ty was 5 and Jack was 2. That year Ty ran all over our yard finding almost all the eggs and poor Jack only got a few. Assigning colors solves this problem and more. My kids now know what colors are theirs and I don’t even have to remind them anymore.
    • Ella gets the pink and purple eggs. 
    • Jack gets the blue and green eggs. 
    • Ty gets the orange and yellow eggs. 

This works great because they all get an equal amount. They all get the same amount of candy, small toys, money etc. But I can personalize it. If Ty doesn’t like a certain candy (or can’t have it now that he has braces) I’ll give him something else he likes and Jack and Ella another kind they like. I can also hide Ty’s harder since he’s 15 (if he’s not too cool to participate!) and Ella’s lower since she’s 9. There is no fighting. Just fun! 

Plan accordingly with the weather. We prefer to hunt outside but sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. Especially in Spokane. So if it looks like rain, we hunt inside! Much better than trying to rush a hunt outside because you are freezing and want to get back inside! 

Happy hiding and hunting friends! 

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