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It's Better To Give

December 1, 2016 • General News

In honor of Giving Tuesday, SpoFed teams got together and selected agencies they wanted to give a little extra help to this season. We're pleased to report that 4 non-profits were paid a visit in celebration of this special day! The response was overwhelming and the common feedback from staff was that St. Francis was right: "For it is in the giving that we receive.”

The Marketing/Admin team jumped in the car and drove over to Alexandria’s House in celebration of this special day. Most of us could easily list off 5-10 local non-profits that we know are making a difference in our community but there are dozens more that don't often make it on the airwaves or appear above the fold in the newspaper. Alexandria’s House is one of those agencies. This agency is a part of Volunteers of America and is a loving home where young expectant and new teen mothers get the support and guidance they need to become powerful mothers who lead thriving families. For more information on how you can help out, click here!

The Teller team chose to give their gift to Operation Dog Tag. This non-profit was started by local veteran Joe Scheffer who served for two years in Vietnam and knows firsthand the challenges our veterans face every day. Operation Dog Tag works towards uniting veterans struggling with the stresses of war at home with trained dogs to help give them a better life. 

These qualified dogs come from a variety of local areas including the Spokane Humane Society, SCRAPS, the general public or dogs already owned by veterans who go through training. Operation Dog Tag not only saves dogs, but they save people, too. 

Three SpoFed teams (Member Service/Loans/Member Solutions) joined together and selected Peak 7 Adventures to be the recipient of their gift. Peak 7 is a non-profit organization that serves youth (primarily under-served and marginalized). Their goal is to get youth out of their comfort zones through experiences in the outdoors whether it be rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering and/or camping to gain a better appreciation for the outdoors and have an unforgettable time. Find out more about how you can get involved and click here: http://peak7.org/

The Finance/IT team selected SCRAPS as their recipient. Through donations to the SCRAPS Hope Foundation, homeless, abused and abandoned animals here in Spokane County have a second chance at life. 

If you're not familiar with this wonderful agency, click here to learn more.



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