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Last minute Mother's Day ideas

May 6, 2020 • Momcents

Since we are still under a stay at home order in Spokane and some shipping is taking longer than usual, you, like me, may be in a Mother’s Day panic since it is coming up this weekend.  Since I have nothing for my mom and kids won’t be bringing home gifts for moms from school this year, I thought of some sweet gestures for moms and grandmas this year.

  • Make a bouquet of flowers from your yard or wildflowers near your home.
  • Make cards - they are the best anyway.
  • Make your mom breakfast or another meal and deliver it to them if you don’t live with them.
  • Email them a gift card with a sweet note.
  • Write them a letter, from the heart.
  • Kids - do all the chores for your mom!
  • Plan a family day depending on your local social distancing rules - pack a picnic, go on a hike, heck just go on a Sunday drive to get out of the house.
  • Make quick phone videos of each of your kids to text to their grandma.  Have them say what they love most about her.  I bet she’ll watch those videos a few hundred times.  This is also great for dads to do with kids for their mom. 

At the end of the day, it’s always the thought that counts.  No extra money has to be spent, especially in these trying times.  Being a mom is my favorite.  I’d take any of these ideas over an expensive gift any day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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