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Member Highlight: Watch Her Grow!

May 17, 2024 • General News

Emily knows a thing or two about growing. As a business-owner and artist, her passion to create beautiful keepsakes has given her a niche market selling knitted plants.

Born and raised in Nine Mile Falls, WA, Emily’s childhood was full of bike riding, baking and art. At the age of seven, a friend taught her to crochet which launched her into a lifelong passion. 

“Growing up with very creative people definitely impacted me,” Emily said.

Crocheting led to knitting, and knitting soon led to selling her creations at a local coffee shop as a teenager. She remembers vividly when she first sold eM knits hats as a teenager.

“They all sold, which was really cool and exciting.”

Around the same age, Emily got her first account at the Canopy Credit Union. Her parents were members so it just made sense for her to start her financial journey at the credit union too. 

For Emily, the relational aspect of needlework has taken shape in many ways over the years, from knit nights with her friends to interacting with community members at local art markets. 

“I would crochet in class during middle and high school. When I get coffee with friends, I always bring my knitting along.”

In 2020, Emily decided to make eM knits an official business with the pandemic giving her a push to go after her passion. Soon after, Emily worked with Canopy to open a specific account for eM knits.

“I've been really happy with Canopy and definitely feel supported.”

Being a business owner has its ups and downs. Emily spends most of the year building up inventory for a busy summer season where attends markets and events across the Spokane area. Year round, Emily keeps up with orders from her Etsy shop.

Her inventory includes a variety of knitted and crocheted plants, hats and knitting kits. Her idea to create plants came from brainstorming about what would sell well in the summer when most people aren’t interested in getting a lovely hand knit hat. Emily also loves real plants and uses her own houseplants for inspiration.

Emily’s dream is to grow her business so it could fully support her. 

“If little me could see me right now she'd be so proud of me.”

Emily’s work is available for purchase on her Etsy site, at From Here, an artist collective store, and at summer markets across Spokane.

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