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Put Your Money Where Your Passions Are

May 16, 2019 • Adulting

Creating the future you dream of doesn't have to mean taking on massive debt or crushing responsibilities. Often, the smartest ways to use our financial resources is to surround ourselves with the people, experiences and things we're most passionate about. Then, savings goals and credit scores just become a way to help us tie good financial habits to our own personal happiness.

Love the arts? Take yourself to see a show in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Manhattan, or Nashville. Learn to play the guitar or take a photography class. Is the great outdoors where you find your inner peace? Try fishing in Alaska or a camping weekend at a local lake. Investing in experiences that bring you happiness and fulfillment can often be priceless and can stay with us long after the things we've collected have lost their luster and value.

Not sure where your money is being spent? Take a look at your last month's worth of purchases and categorize them (i.e. dining out, events, merchandise, etc.). Are you surprised at what you actually spent your money on? If you are, maybe start a new budget that puts more money where your passions are! 

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