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Taking time to save for what's important

February 21, 2024 • Education

Members Sean and Amy B. are intentionally saving for what’s important in their life. Keeping track of exactly where their money goes is important to the couple’s budgeting success and their ability to save up for their goals.

Sean and Amy first became interested in Canopy after driving by a billboard. They were in the middle of a frustrating experience with their previous financial institution and were intrigued by Canopy’s advertisement for its Kasasa Checking accounts.

With the Canopy branch on Francis Ave. in the vicinity of their northside home, they decided to check it out. Both of them appreciate the welcoming atmosphere at the branch.

“Every time I come in to the branch, I get a warm, friendly feeling. And, it isn’t just the coffee. The atmosphere just feels warm and welcome,” Sean said.

At the end of their first month being members, Sean and Amy were pleasantly surprised with the dividends they earned and decided to save those extra funds for one of their goals.

Sean and Amy’s savings strategy? “A dime here and a nickel there,” Amy said.

Using the envelope savings method, Sean and Amy set aside a chunk of change at the beginning of the month for each of their spending categories. If they end up spending less than the allotted amount, they take the extra cash and put it towards remodeling their home.

Five years ago, they found the perfect home in north Spokane in a “neat neighborhood”. They love that their neighbors are from a mix of generations.

“Mostly everybody knows each other,” Sean said.

Now that they have their home, they are building up their savings for home improvement projects.

“Our home is over a hundred years old with floors and an unfinished attic that need some love. That means we need to take time to save up,” Amy said.

When the couple isn’t saving up for their next goals, they keep busy with a variety of passions. Both write fiction and are creating stories for a book series and a podcast.

Sean and Amy’s focus on saving and intentional budgeting allows them to enjoy the things that matter to them.


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