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Thank you, thank you!

December 12, 2017 • Momcents

Growing up, we wrote a thank you note for every gift we received.  I remember hating it.  Despising it actually.  But that habit my parents got me into years ago has stuck with me and I try my best to write them as an adult. Why?  Well, I know I appreciate getting them.  It makes me happy to read how the gift made my friend or family member feel.  So I am trying to install that same habit in my kids.  But I have to admit, it’s not easy.  After birthdays and holidays, we write out a list of who needs a thank you note.  Sometimes the list can be grueling.  If that’s the case we write a few a day.  Or write a few in the morning and a few in the evening.  Nothing fancy, just a simple thank you:

“Grammy and Grandpa,

Thank you for the money you gave me for my birthday.  I am saving it to hopefully buy a laptop.  I love you!

Love, Ty”

If your kids are just learning to write, you can buy great thank you cards where the child can fill in the blank of the gift givers name, what they gave and the child’s name.  Check these out.  Or have them draw a picture.  It’s the thought that counts and the habit you are creating that is important.

A few of my mom friends have rules when it comes the writing thank you notes.  One mom won’t let her kids use/play with the gift until a thank you note is written.  Now there’s major motivation to get them done!!!  Another friend only has their kids write notes if the gift wasn’t opened in the gift givers presence.  Different approaches, but both are instilling this awesome habit in their kids and that's all that matters.

I guess this gives me the perfect opportunity to say “THANK YOU” for reading Momcents! I am so very thankful for my readers!

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