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The "cool" and "uncool" kids money list

October 5, 2021 • Momcents

As you probably already know, I think money is such an important topic to talk about with kids. And don’t wait until they are 18 and flying the nest! “Money talk” can start when they're young. A fun way to talk about it is: money can be cool and money can be uncool.  

For example, money is cool when:  

  • You use it to help someone
  • You are way under budget
  • You buy something that brings you joy
  • You work hard for the money you have
  • And the best one - you find money in an old jacket or jeans pocket! 

Money is uncool when: 

  • You spend ALL of your time trying to get more money. 
  • You go over your budget
  • You lose it (hello my daughter Ella!!) 
  • You brag about how much you have
  • You fight over money with others

This cool/uncool list would be "cool" (see what I did there?). Talk about and see if you and your kids can add more things to this list! What a fun way to learn and talk about money all at once. 

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