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Thinking About Your Dream Home?

February 6, 2018 • General News

Real Estate Loans from Spokane Federal Can Help Make Things Happen.

Now that Spring is finally somewhat in sight and the long winter days are becoming shorter, more and more of us are entertaining thoughts of buying a new home, or making improvements to the one we already love. Whether you need a bigger place, a more convenient location, or are thinking about downsizing or adding improvements, Mortgage Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit from Spokane Federal can help provide the financial fuel you need to make the house of your dreams a reality.

Home Equity Financing — Oh the Possibilities. 

You’ve established equity in your home and are now wondering what you can do with it. There are a ton of options as you can imagine. But some can be more beneficial than others.

  1. Use home equity to finance renovations and improvements. Not only does this enhance the value of your home and provide financing that often pays for itself when you sell, it also allows you to add the features and improvements that enhance your enjoyment and quality of life in your home. Just think hot tubs, swimming pools, a chef’s kitchen, or a media room — once you get started it’s easy to imagine ways to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable!
  2. Finance a major purchase. Are you dreaming of a new vehicle, a family vacation, funding college tuition or replacing some aging appliances? Home Equity financing can help you make it happen.
  3. Start that business you’ve always wanted, or go back to school. Using home equity to invest in your future earning potential can prove to be a smart use of funds if you have a great business plan or can leverage greater education into a more profitable career.  

Intrigued by these possibilities? Explore your options. Our loan officers are responsive, local, and offer superior service every day. Talk with one of our home loan experts to find out more about mortgage options and Home Equity financing from Spokane Federal, today. 

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