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Time for the Tooth Fairy

February 27, 2018 • Momcents

She waited 6.5 years for the day she would lose a tooth so as you can imagine I had a very excited little girl when she lost her very first tooth a few weeks ago.  I have to admit, I was a little sad.  One more sign that she isn’t my tiny baby anymore!  But gosh darn it if she isn’t the cutest thing with her missing teeth and her little lisp.  

She pulled out her tooth in the car on the way to Ty’s basketball game, which was followed by Jack’s basketball game across town at 7:45 at night.  It was going to be a late night and I had no cash.  Justin was out of town.  So I did what any good tooth fairy would do- started bumming off my friends and family!  Apparently, not a lot of people carry cash these days as it was hard to find.  I borrowed $2 from my friend’s dad at Ty’s game and then another $1 from my mom at Jack’s game.  When Ella was fast asleep that night, Ty helped me spray the money with glitter hairspray (I finally have a girl, it had to have glitter!) and tucked it safely under her pillow.

The next morning there was a sweet little girl with the cutest smile and three sparkly dollars in her hand standing outside my bathroom waiting for me.  Her dream had come true!  And I never want to forget that toothless little grin.

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