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What is Your Money Personality?

November 29, 2023 • Education

Understanding why we do what we do, what motivates and drives us, or frightens and repels us can help us live more successful lives. Understanding your “Money Personality” can help you reach your financial goals more easily and with fewer impediments.

Here are some of the traits that make up your “Money Personality”. Read on and see where you think you fit.

Money Worship

Does money solve your problems and always make life better? You may be a money worshipper. While having enough money can make life easier, expecting it to solve every problem can create brand new problems like overspending or racking up credit card debt.

So, what can you do if you think money worship is too big an influence for you? Talk with a Canopy Financial Coach about creating a budget and a strategy for paying off excessive credit card debts.

Money Avoidance

Is money the root of all evil? Do you feel like you just don’t deserve more? Money Avoiders may ignore their finances, avoid thinking about money, and even give money away money in order not to be burdened by it.

If money avoidance is causing problems in your life, talk to Canopy Member Advocate about setting up automatic transfers and payments for retirement plan contributions, savings, loan payments, and more. You won’t have to think about your money as much and you’ll avoid getting behind on payments or running short on cash.

Money Vigilance

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? But some who are too vigilant can be secretive about their money and uncomfortable discussing finances with others. That can be a problem.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to family or friends but still have money questions, reach out to one of our financial coaches for advice. It’s confidential, valuable, and it’s free.

Money Status

Do you believe self-worth equals net worth? Do you think people with money are intrinsically superior or more worthy of high status. While that may motivate you to become more successful and earn more, it might also tempt you to make risky financial decisions or buy expensive, high-status items.

If you’re worried concerns about your money status may be leading you to make unwise decisions, make a rule that you’ll always take a few days to consider something before you pull the trigger and create and stick to a budget to avoid overspending.

Interested in knowing more about your “money personality”? You can take this quick online quiz to learn more: https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/finance/money-personality

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