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Your Winter House Prep Checklist

October 22, 2018 • General News

Just like we take time for spring cleaning every year, it's time for fall/winter house prep! Taking the time to cross these off of your to-do list will make for a smooth ride through the colder months of the year. Plus, being proactive will help avoid any emergencies!

House prep tips:

  • Service the furnace
  • Clean the fireplace & chimney
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Compost autumn leaves so you get gardening gold next summer!
  • Inspect your windows and doors for insulation—keep the cold outside and the warmth inside!
  • Drain outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems
  • Create a “mudroom” or space in your entryway for the wet/cold winter clothes
  • Check all fire alarms/carbon monoxide monitors

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