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your financial literacy app - zogo!

It pays to learn about finance - literally.

We've partnered with Zogo, a gamified mobile app, to help our members learn the basics of personal finance. The best part? You get paid to use it. 

ios store download link   google play store download link

Download the Zogo app now and type in the access code 'CANOPY'. Work your way through bite-sized modules on a variety of finance topics, from opening a bank account to protecting your investments, including information about special offerings at CanopyCU! For each module completed, earn points in the form of virtual "pineapples" that you can redeem for gift cards at your favorite vendors like Starbucks, Target, Amazon and more. 

learn financial literacy with zogo. use code CANOPY.

Here's how the app works: 

At Canopy Credit Union, we want to provide you with the tools you need to build a bright financial future. Download the Zogo app today and we'll work toward that goal together! 

Let us know if you have any questions about Zogo. Happy learning! 

ios store download link   google play store download link



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