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3 easy ways to save money

July 7, 2021 • Momcents

Thinking of ways to save money is always on my mind.  But I think the past year has had most people thinking the same thing.  Here are a few ways I have found recently to keep a few bucks in our bank account. 

  1. Look at the bills you are paying monthly.  A big one is your cable bill if you have one.  I recently noticed an increase in our bill so I gave them a call.  The first lady I talked to said she could save us $10 a month and that was the best she could do.  I nicely asked if I could speak to a manager.  I told the manager we have been loyal customers for 14 years and he offered me a $20 dollar savings a month.  35 minutes on the phone saved us $240 in a year.  I think the phone call was worth my time! 
  2. Another thing I noticed when looking at our bills was our garbage service was increased in the past few months.  I called them to ask why our charges were increased some weeks and not others.  The lady I talked to told me if your garbage lid isn’t completely shut (ie: bags of garbage lifting up the lid) there is an additional charge!  Who knew? Now we make sure that our garbage lid is down every week. 
  3. Other easy ways to save money: cancel your car wash you get charged monthly for but rarely use (I am guilty of this!).  Cancel gym memberships and work out at home. Delete the Amazon app off your phone. Unsubscribe to emails from stores so you are not tempted to see a deal and buy when you don’t need to item. 

These are just a few simple ways I have found to save a few bucks, but they all add up!  What would you add to this list? 

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