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16 activities to try during social distancing

March 19, 2020 • General News

In a weird way, COVID-19 is forcing our society to slow down. To take a step back from our go-go-go mentality and find creative ways to still enjoy this time. 

Here are 16 fun ideas to keep you and your family entertained during social distancing:

  1. Scavenger hunt around the house 
  2. Play the board game you haven’t played in the longest amount of time 
  3. Finger painting or explore with watercolor
  4. Build a fort and have a PJ party in your living room (yes, adults too!)
  5. Play charades or Ellen’s Heads Up game
  6. Go for a walk or hike outside in the fresh air 
  7. Create a new playlist of your favorite songs
  8. Play 20 questions
  9. Have a movie marathon
  10. Find a new workout on YouTube & get everyone involved
  11. Start and finish a book 
  12. Try out a new recipe that takes a bit more time 
  13. Have a picture drawing contest 
  14. Rearrange the house 
  15. Purge your closet or kitchen
  16. Have an “unplugged” night with no electronics 

And as always, stay safe, stay well, stay hopeful.

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