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Home School 2.0

September 4, 2020 • Momcents

Written by Momcent's Mom, Krista

Last March we were all thrown for a loop when COVID hit and all of a sudden schools were closed down for what we thought may be a couple of weeks.  Then it was months.  Then we found out the kids wouldn’t be returning at all.  Everyone panicked trying to do their best to figure out how the kids could learn remotely with almost no warning.  And to be honest, last spring with kids in 8th, 5th, and 2nd grade trying to learn at home was painful.  Everyone was trying their best to get the hang of new learning platforms, new schedules, and a new normal.  Oh and a mom who had no idea what she was doing!!!  Boy were we ALL happy when we made it through the school year! 

And here we are 3 months later about to start high school, middle school and 3rd grade at home.  Distance learning is upon us again. While my kids are bummed to continue to not be with friends, we are trying to stay positive and hope for the best. 

A few things we are going to try differently this fall with hopes to make this time more enjoyable for everyone involved: 

  • Everyone has their own Chromebook.  We checked out two from the school district.  This way my two younger kids aren’t fighting over my laptop. 
  • Separate study/learning areas.  We were able to swap a few pieces of furniture and found the last desk in town so all three kids have a workspace in their own room.  In the Spring I’d have one at the kitchen table, one on the couch and neither of them could concentrate properly. 
  • I’ve stocked my pantry with easy to grab snacks so they can run down and grab something when they have a break.  This also forced me to organize it so stuff is easy to see. 
  • A SCHEDULE!  This year each school has a specific schedule.  Certain start times and end times etc.  Last year the two younger kids could log on anytime which just didn’t work well for us.  Let’s just say some of us are more motivated than others!  Since we have 3 kids at 3 different schools, I plan to print out their schedules so we know who needs to login when, who has lunch when (you know, so the lunch lady can get to work!)  and who is done when so I can try to keep them from bugging the ones still in class. 
  • And just lots of grace.  Grace for the teachers that are having to learn a new way to teach.  Grace for the kids who are away from their friends and would rather be in school.  And hopefully grace for me who never in a million years thought I would be with 3 kids learning from home.  I better brush up on my math ASAP!!!  Fractions nearly killed me in the spring. 

Cheers to a great year for all kids, parents and teachers alike!  

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