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Jingle bells in...February?

February 12, 2019 • Momcents

Written by Momcents Mom, Krista Felker

He's making a list
He's checking it twice;
He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice
Santa Clause is coming to town.

I know, I know, Christmas is 10 months away and all we want right now is warm weather and sunshine!  But now is the time to be thinking about the Holidays!  When we were first married, we did not budget for Christmas and come January we would be borrowing from our savings account to cover the holiday expenses. That all changed years ago when we started using a Holiday Club Account at Spokane Federal. 

This idea of putting away money for the holidays can be done with any kind of savings account.  We have a certain amount of money automatically come out of each month and go into our holiday account and there it stays until the holidays.  We started out doing maybe $50 a paycheck but as our family grew, we have increased that amount.  It comes in so handy come November/December and not just for Christmas gifts but for entertaining, stamps for Christmas cards, teacher presents, activities, and maybe a little getaway over the holiday break from school.  We don't even notice the money getting set aside each month but boy do we notice when we actually have money when it gets to that busy time of year.  I encourage you to try it!  Heck, start with $10!  It will bring you so much relief 10 months from now!

Or maybe you don't need help around the holidays but want to go on a trip somewhere warm next January/February when it is freezing here (it's 20 degrees as I type this).  Same concept - open a separate savings account and have some money transferred over to your new account every month.  I promise you'll be thanking me when you are sitting on a beach 12 months from now! 

Happy Saving!

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