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8 tips for buying an RV

February 26, 2021 • Education

How do you even begin to start the search for an RV? We've got a list of eight great tips to get you thinking about your exciting new purchase.

  1. Get pre-approved for an RV loan. Okay, okay, we know we’re doing a not-so-subtle promo right now, but seriously – knowing how much you can afford before you go is crucial to a seamless process. It also puts you in a stronger negotiating position as you purchase and choose financing for your RV.  Apply now!
  2. Are you planning to drive or tow the RV? Generally speaking, you should keep the amount of weight you tow under 80% of your car’s towing capacity. Given that statistic, check your owner’s manual to see how much your car can handle.  
  3. What will your destinations be & for how long? Will you be off-grid camping, with little or no water/sewer/electric hookups? If so, make sure there's a sufficient holding tank and battery capacity, and maybe even an integrated generator. 

  4. How much space do you truly need? The real question should be – how much sleeping space do you need? Make sure you’re looking at options that provide comfortable sleeping quarters. If everyone can sleep comfortably, then you’ve probably found the right size RV.
  5. What is the storage situation like? Make a list of your essential traveling needs and see if they’ll fit in the existing space. Are there opportunities to add extra shelves, pockets, or maybe stack boxes? This is the true test at your Tetris skills – hah!
  6. Are you planning to cook often? Consider your normal cooking/meal habits. Do you cook most of your meals? Do you eat out frequently? Are you planning to make simple/easy-to-make meals? Make sure your RV has enough space to do the type of cooking/meal-prepping you hope to do.
  7. Once you’ve found potential options, do a thorough inspection. Push all of the buttons. Look at the plumbing situation. Glance underneath for any visible cracks, rust, or damaged tires. Check everywhere for water damage.
  8. Ask the right questions. If you’re buying a used RV, keep these important questions in mind:
    • How many people have owned this RV?
    • What animals have lived in the RV & for how long?
    • How many miles have been put on these tires?
    • Are all of the maintenance records available?
    • Ask to do a test-drive. If they say no, that’s a big red flag.

Here’s to the start of many unforgettable adventures and lifelong memories! 

Get pre-approved for your home away from home today. 

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