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renter's loan

Providing rental assistance with a low-rate loan

Rental assistance to help you make the move

apply for a rental assistance loan

Between first and last month’s rent, cleaning, security deposits, and actual rent payments, renting can be overwhelmingly expensive.

Our Renter’s Loan is a permanent new product we’ve designed to help families and individuals who need access to funds for these exact expenses.

The best part? You get the same rate regardless of your credit score.

Renter’s Loan**:

How to qualify:

Apply for a rental assistance loan

*Annual Percentage Rate
**Must be a member in good standing for 30+ days. Term of loan may be equal up to the number of months remaining in your lease. Internal refinances are not eligible. Only one Renters Loan per household. Payment example: a $3,000 loan on a 12 month term for $6.99 APR would be a monthly payment of $268.


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